Major. Services. 

Concept Art

Are you in need of unique characters, creatures, weapons and worlds for your game, book or comic?

Through concept art we will help you bring your vision one step closer to fruition and set the mood for your characters and their world.

We can provide you with:
• Character Design

• World Building / Landscape Illustrations
• Splash Art - to present your vision in the best way possible.

Character Design

Good character development is crucial for the success of any game, graphic novel or film. 

Through research and extensive brainstorming sessions accompanied with lots and lots of concept art we can deliver 

a unique set of characters that will be unique to your project.

We work in the following genres:

• Fantasy

• Horror

• Action

• Sci-Fi

• Kids Entertainment

Game Art & UI Design

Are you creating a game? How exciting!

Do you hold a vision in your mind of how the game should look like and function but don't know where to start with art?
We can guide you in the development of in-game graphics including, characters, level art, game elements, welcome and loading screens as well as splash art. But art is not always enough. We can build a unique User Interface (UI) to ensure a frictionless user experience.

Not creating a digital game? We love creating art for tabletop games. We also love to play them :)

Splash Art

One step beyond concept art.

Splash art is where you present your characters and worlds in the best possible light. These are usually posed characters in action within their own world. This is where we shine - and where we can make your vision shine.

Splash art is what sells your game, book or film. It is a highly polished piece of work that grabs the audience's attention.

Kids Book Illustrations

If you are writing a kids book then we are here to illustrate it!

We work in a multitude of styles and mediums. Whether it's traditional or digital art - we can provide you with a style that is suitable to your story and liking.

We'll help you make an impression with the kids and parents alike by bringing your story to life.


Visual direction for film and graphic novels.

Storytelling is crucial to any visual communication but most important for film and graphic novels. Lets tell your story from a unique perspective that draws the audience into the narrative and keeps them engaged. Sometimes creating great mood and atmosphere isn't enough. Pacing your story and building interest is most crucial. We understand what it means to a story to capture imaginations and create visual impact.

Let us storyboard your next film or novel.